Aka: Kaleido Kristina

The Kristina on the earth with energy one. 

Not the Lucy in the sky with diamonds one.

I'm the girl with Kaleidoscope Eyes


become more of who you are!

That is, you look at a set of elements -- the same ones everyone else sees, but with your unique twist of the scope, everything changes...right before your very eyes.

I believe that by living your life in this kaleidoscopic way, you open yourself to exploring and experiencing so many new possibilities, and endless opportunities to create & live a true, creative and colorful life.​

I'm a multipassionate woman into hiking, photography, watercolor painting, yoga, wine, journaling, intuitive guidance tools such as oracle cards, and energy alchemy...and the list goes on.

I use my kaleidoscopic personality to serve my soul purpose, not search for and try to fit into a sole purpose.​

Kaleido Living is the essence of my work and the continued cultivation of my soul purpose -- to mirror and coach other creative beings, like you (yes, you) in your quest to more fully experience the wonder, magic and brilliance of being alive!

It's about helping to empower you to positively disrupt the bouts of bot life and dizzying spin cycles that keep you in a funk, wad, or rut. I help free your creative spirit, express your whole self, and radiate your highest energy, so you can thrive in your role as co-creator of your most desired existence, and 

It's just the way I look at life, and creativity (not artistic talent)-- our way of creating our human experience.

Some fun facts:

I married the same man twice!

I lived as a nudist for 6 six years!

I walk over 150 miles per month!

I was an expat for over a decade!

I invent new Krisellaneous words all the time!

Terri Trespicio, author, Unfollow Your Passion: How to Create a Life that Matters to You

"No one ever led a juicier, more exciting life by taking themselves more seriously. And thankfully, we have Kristina Eisenhower to remind us not to try! Her energy and verve ripple right off the page and have the power to spark important self discovery. The Art of Positive Disruption isn't just a guide; it's an invitation to live a life that feels freer and more fun—and a reminder of how creative and alive you can feel." 

What they're saying


This creative playbook has all kinds of offbeat experiences and activities designed to lift you up, and light you up.
So, if you’re feeling bored, lost, or stale, this book will disrupt all that so you can make your everyday, anything but!

The Art of Positive Disruption: A Krizillion Ways To Create A Kaleidoscopic Life

Melissa M.

"Anytime and every time I need a creative boost, jolt or infusion, there's only one place and one person I go to -- Kristina and her Kaleido Living Coaching! She is always full of inspiring ideas to help me pounce on my passion projects, and help me stay in action until they become true accomplishments! "

She is always full of inspiring ideas to help me pounce on my passion projects