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Yeah I'm behind you, but not in the creepy sense--in the supportive sense.
 I'm Kristina Eisenhower, a multipassionate, shiny object loving, unapologetic "everything enthusiast" who can help you harness your creative energy and focus it on creating your most vibrant and vivacious life, so you can

become more of who you truly are!

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“I LOVE getting The Kaleido Scoop! It has so many creative ideas that are outside the box! Just love tapping into your mastery of creativity.”

“Your Kaleido Scoop emails are FABulous!! Thank you for so much positive energy and scoop-fulls of ideas!!”

“The Kaleido Scoop is my favorite free subscription by far! It’s chock full of fresh, new perspectives and opportunities that enhance my creativity and life. And, Kristina is wicked funny and that’s my favorite flavor of a person.”

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It’s not about ice cream. It’s not cold or hard and it won’t give you brain freeze. It’s a fun, full-color museletter that’s a delicious disruption to living a plain ol’ vanilla life…AND to all those black & white, text-heavy, cookie cutter, “salesy mailsies” cluttering your inbox!

The Kaleido Scoop is heaping with inspo, info, tips, resources and high-spirited stoking for your creative life. Peeps are eating it up! 

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Terri Trespicio, author, Unfollow Your Passion: How to Create a Life that Matters to You

"No one ever led a juicier, more exciting life by taking themselves more seriously. And thankfully, we have Kristina Eisenhower to remind us not to try! Her energy and verve ripple right off the page and have the power to spark important self discovery. The Art of Positive Disruption isn't just a guide; it's an invitation to live a life that feels freer and more fun—and a reminder of how creative and alive you can feel." 

What they're saying


This creative playbook has all kinds of offbeat experiences and activities designed to lift you up, and light you up.
So, if you’re feeling bored, lost, or stale, this book will disrupt all that so you can make your everyday, anything but!

The Art of Positive Disruption: A Krizillion Ways To Create A Kaleidoscopic Life

Melissa M.

"Anytime and every time I need a creative boost, jolt or infusion, there's only one place and one person I go to -- Kristina and her Kaleido Living Coaching! She is always full of inspiring ideas to help me pounce on my passion projects, and help me stay in action until they become true accomplishments! "

She is always full of inspiring ideas to help me pounce on my passion projects

Daniele S.

"Kaleido Living Coaching with Kristina really helped me learn about making changes to my personal and professional endeavors. Hers is the only program I have taken where I feel I'm actually having fun while "doing my work." It gave me the freedom to explore and experience so many new things. Thank you, Kristina!"

The only program where I feel I'm actually having fun while "doing my work".

Josette L.

"I purchased the Creative Energy Playbook course as soon as I heard about it because I was in a funk, and there's NO ONE BETTER to "defunkify" a situation than Kristina. She is a true magician to be able to translate this kind of wisdom into a digestible and enjoyable experience! Sooo grateful for her creative wisdom!"

There's NO ONE BETTER to "defunkify" a situation than Kristina.

Minjee K.

"I joined the Creative Energy Playbook course to get a hit of Kristina's energy but I got so much more! Kristina had cool topics and activities that really helped me own and express myself in an upbeat and creative way. She's really fun and funny too. I wish all the courses I've taken had been like this one! It totally changed my life!"

I wish all the courses I've taken
had been like this one!

Kristin K.

"This course is like nothing I've ever experienced before. It was not the kind of "work" I've done in other courses, at all! It really offered new ideas and concepts that I never considered before that might be holding me back. It was the perfect mix of online and access to Kristina, which made me certain it was 100% worth taking.
Loved every minute of it!"

It really offered new ideas and concepts
that I never considered before