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Yeah I'm behind you, but not in the creepy the supportive sense. I wanna help you get out of the funk and into the flow of creating your most vibrant and vivacious life. 

I'm Kristina, an author, creatrix, and Creative Empowerment Coach.  But when I say "creative" I'm not talking about artistic talent. I'm talking about that fact of YOUR life -- that innate ability (and responsibility) to create whatever you want in your world.

Aaand, I totally get the frustration of feeling like there's so much more out there for you, but not knowing where to start, what to go after, or how to make that shizzle happen!

Been there, done that! A lived (but not loved) experience. So, now it's my mission to help you positively disrupt those negative patterns and rote spin cycles so you can thrive in cranking out your truest creative energy to 


(not to be confused with stalker)

Hi, I'm your stoker!

Terri Trespicio, author, Unfollow Your Passion: How to Create a Life that Matters to You

"No one ever led a juicier, more exciting life by taking themselves more seriously. And thankfully, we have Kristina Eisenhower to remind us not to try! Her energy and verve ripple right off the page and have the power to spark important self discovery. The Art of Positive Disruption isn't just a guide; it's an invitation to live a life that feels freer and more fun—and a reminder of how creative and alive you can feel." 

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This creative playbook has all kinds of offbeat experiences and activities designed to lift you up, and light you up.
So, if you’re feeling bored, lost, or stale, this book will disrupt all that so you can make your everyday, anything but!

The Art of Positive Disruption: A Krizillion Ways To Create A Kaleidoscopic Life