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Your self-discovery and creative realization comes from exploring and experimenting with heartful, mindful, colorful experiences so you can become more of who you truly are—a confident, creative, and vibrant human being!

Let’s get crankin’ shall we?

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One on One coaching helps you explore all your options, disrupt any negative patterns, and take actions that get you out of the funk and into the flow of becoming more of who you are.

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Have trouble choosing, starting or finishing what you want to create in your life?

Daniele S.

"Kaleido Living Coaching with Kristina really helped me learn about making changes to my personal and professional endeavors. Hers is the only program I have taken where I feel I'm actually having fun while "doing my work." It gave me the freedom to explore and experience so many new things. Thank you, Kristina!"

The only program where I feel I'm actually having fun while "doing my work".

This course is only offered a few times a year so if you’re waiting for it to open, get on the interested list and I’ll send you a week’s worth of energetic experiments as a starter.

Take yourself from "whaaatever" to "What's Next?!" with this live, interactive 6-week online course that gives you a whole new way of viewing and embracing your true creative power to affect conscious change in all aspects of your life!

Shut down the self-doubt and become more of who you are -- a creative creature who can experience the magic of the everyday world...every. damn. day.

The Creative Energy Playbook Course


Josette L.

"I purchased the Creative Energy Playbook course as soon as I heard about it because I was in a funk, and there's NO ONE BETTER to "defunkify" a situation than Kristina. She is a true magician to be able to translate this kind of wisdom into a digestible and enjoyable experience! Sooo grateful for her creative wisdom!"

There's NO ONE BETTER to "defunkify" a situation than Kristina.

They open. They close.
Some are one-night only. Others are standing room only.
It’s all in how the kaleidoscope turns.

Extra-curricular Activities

Moon me, baby!

Full Moons are times of release, renewal and forgiveness, allowing us to shed any energies that block our intentions and keep us stuck. New moons are the time to start fresh, clarify your goals, start new projects, and acknowledge your growth since the previous new moon.

Moon Swoons

Hell yeah, let’s MAKE IT HAPPEN!

A monthly gathering of creators from the Kaleido Community for arts & crafting with conversation & camaraderie. Guest instructors offer classes in watercolors, culinary delights, photography fun, mixology, and more!

Moxie Makerspace

I’ll drink to that!

Unwind and unwad yourself with this winning Winesday yoga class–VinoYoga! A 1-hour evening session with option to stay and sip (or swill) with your fellow yogis. BYOB.

Yogify Yo’self

What’s in the cards for me?

Purchase the deck and get a live sample reading!

Conscious Energy Oracle Cards & Readings

Learn “more of who I am” here

Yeah I'm behind you, but not in the creepy sense--in the supportive sense.
 I'm Kristina Eisenhower, a multipassionate, shiny object loving, unapologetic "everything enthusiast" who can help you harness your creative energy and focus it on creating your most vibrant and vivacious life, so you can

become more of who you truly are!

(not to be confused with stalker)

Hi, I'm your stoker!

Don’t worry, I’m not one of those people who hide the unsubscribe button from you or will come back to haunt you years after you’ve said, “So long, sistah.”
Giving me your email is like meeting for coffee, not moving in together.

“I LOVE getting The Kaleido Scoop! It has so many creative ideas that are outside the box! Just love tapping into your mastery of creativity.”

“Your Kaleido Scoop emails are FABulous!! Thank you for so much positive energy and scoop-fulls of ideas!!”

“The Kaleido Scoop is my favorite free subscription by far! It’s chock full of fresh, new perspectives and opportunities that enhance my creativity and life. And, Kristina is wicked funny and that’s my favorite flavor of a person.”

Here's what they're saying:

It’s not about ice cream. It’s not cold or hard and it won’t give you brain freeze. It’s a fun, full-color museletter that’s a delicious disruption to living a plain ol’ vanilla life…AND to all those black & white, text-heavy, cookie cutter, “salesy mailsies” cluttering your inbox!

The Kaleido Scoop is heaping with inspo, info, tips, resources and high-spirited stoking for your creative life. Peeps are eating it up! 

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Laura Belgray, AUTHOR OF TOUGH TITTIES, FOUNDER OF TALKING SHRIMP, and co-creator of The Copy Cure

"Written in the lively, unstuffy voice of a close friend, this book will rouse you out of any rut or funk and help you step into that nirvana state of feeling 100% self-expressed — one we all long for, whether we know it or not."

What they're saying


This creative playbook has all kinds of offbeat experiences and activities designed to lift you up, and light you up.
So, if you’re feeling bored, lost, or stale, this book will disrupt all that so you can make your everyday, anything but!

The Art of Positive Disruption: A Krizillion Ways To Create A Kaleidoscopic Life